The Connection Bible Study

You were made for a personal and eternal relationship with God. Isn’t it about time you made the connection?

The Connection

is a guided Bible study, designed specifically for those seeking a closer relationship with God. In this 7-lesson series, you will discover how you can know for sure that your sins are forgiven and that you have eternal life and Heaven as your eternal destiny. You will then be able to share this Good News with your friends and family.

  • If you are wanting to get to know God, His Words are the best place to start! I have found The Connection to be a great guide in discovering how the Bible reveals God and His amazing plan for me!
  • This Bible study gave me complete assurance of salvation. Although I was religious, that certainty changed everything for me!Brian
  • With so many different backgrounds and ideas about God, the Connection Bible Study provides thought provoking questions with clear scriptural answers. Using this study, I have rejoiced in seeing ladies come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Their lives have been transformed.Angie

Ready to get connected?

The Connection Bible Study is free and is designed to be done one-on-one or in a small group setting. If you are interested in doing a Connection Bible Study, click the button below and we will have someone contact you as soon as possible. God is ready to get connected with you; He is just waiting for you to take the step to seek Him!

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