July 18-22 | 8:45-Noon

at Falls Baptist Church

If the earth could talk, what story would it tell?

For thousands of years, the events of history—many ordinary, some quite extraordinary—have been played out on mountains and valleys and then soon forgotten, covered over by the sands of time. But imagine…what if the earth could talk? What if the rocks could cry out and tell you what they saw and heard? What if we could open up the ground and uncover all these mysteries of history? What if these revelations from the ground matched the very revelations from God revealed long ago in his written word, the Bible? Welcome to the Big Dig, a life-transforming adventure for the whole family! Recover the foundations for true faith as we dig deep into God’s Word and God’s world to uncover the truth about the past and the future.
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Fun for Kids!

The Big Dig is an exciting adventure of learning about God, history, and what life is all about…and it’s all FREE! FOR KIDS AGES 4-12!
Explore the wonders of science in the

Discovery Lab!

See amazing discoveries that support the Bible record in the

Sites & Sounds Theater!


Hear Bible Truth

explained in simple terms!
Have a blast at the

Daily Fair!


Skits, Snacks

Games, & Prizes!

And Much, Much More!

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Keynote Speaker

Aaron Braaten

Aaron Braaten has had the unusual privilege of living and ministering in Tel Aviv, Israel, the region of the world where the most significant archaeological discoveries of all time have been uncovered. He has shared his love for these mysteries of history by leading tours to many ancient biblical sites and by developing the Everlasting Nation Museum in Hixson, Tennessee. Aaron currently serves as a pastor in Minnesota, where he lives with his wife and four children. As a student of both the Bible and the Bible lands, his desire is for people young and old to love the Bible and read it in a fresh way through understanding the archaeology and culture of Jewish history and lands.

Dr. Jun Kojima

NASA Scientist
Dr. Kojima is a highly accomplished research scientist who loves creating in children and adults a passion for discovery and understanding. Working with the NASA Glenn Research Center as professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, he has supported multiple R&D projects, holding 3 award-winning US patents in laser molecular spectroscopy and quantum communication. Growing up in a large city in Japan, Dr. Kojima had little regard for God’s existence. That all changed when he heard the truth of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Terry Swanson

Terry Swanson believes that every record in history is filled with fascinating accounts just waiting to be unearthed. His passion is to teach all ages about those who lived and died hundreds and even thousands of years ago and how their lives impact us today. Terry has been the history professor at Baptist College of Ministry and Falls Baptist Academy for nine years and teaches a variety of courses including US History, World History, Baptist History, and American Government. He has traveled to many historical sites, including three tours of Israel. His interactive and engaging teaching will leave you eager to return for more gripping stories from the past.

Practical help for adults!


For Women | For Men

Uncover the truth about experiencing God in YOUR daily life.
The deepest longing of the human heart is the desire to know God, yet often our thoughts about God are filled with confusion and uncertainty. Does God care? Is it possible to have a real and personal relationship with God? Discover seven keys to experiencing God daily and living in the peace and joy that only He can give. The good news is that God is at work in our world, and you are part of His plan.

The daily Digging Deeper workshops are designed exclusively for adults, providing biblical foundation and spiritual tools for men and women in their vital roles and responsibilities of life. These workshops are in addition to the general sessions and Sites & Sounds Theater.

Guest speakers and personal testimonies

Biblical insight and spiritual resources

Delicious refreshments and encouraging fellowship

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It all climaxes Friday Night at 7:00 pm with

The Big Dig Finale!

And teens won't want to miss...


A 3-Night carbonated competition for teenagers!

July 6-8


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