Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.

– Mark 10:14

Purposeful Development

We desire to keep the cause of Christ and His presence as the focal point in our local church. We pray that these precious children will see God’s power at work in their church, and that they will seek Him throughout all of their future lives and ministries. Even in a dark day in the world around us, we believe that our young people can choose to follow the Lord and never turn back.


0-3 years


Leaving your baby in a nursery with strangers can be difficult. We understand that, so we have done all that we can to make things as comfortable and easy as possible. All of our nursery workers are members of our church, and have undergone security background checks. We train our workers annually and follow clear policies and procedures for every situation.


The safety and comfort of your children are our top priorities. We use secure check-in/out procedures that ensure that only those that you approve can take your children out of the nursery. If there is a concern regarding your child during the service, you will be contacted directly through a nursery pager or, if you prefer, a text message.


Nursery shouldn’t just be a babysitting time; it’s a time for purposeful development of your child in many areas of life. We believe that learning begins during the earliest stages, so we actively endeavor to use their time in the nursery to develop their little body, mind and heart for God.

Nursery is provided for children 0-3 years for all services and events.


4-5 years


What good does it do to teach your children about the Bible if they don’t know what to do with it? We want your child to go home knowing how Jesus wants them to live that week, so we bring things down to a simple level and give them practical illustrations of how to use what they learned at home.


We count it a privilege to introduce our youngest students to God and the Bible, and we don’t take that privilege lightly. We realize that what a child is taught about God and the Bible will impact their view of God for the rest of their life. As a result, we don’t just teach them about the Bible; we teach them what the Bible actually says. This sound Biblical teaching gives them a firm foundation to build upon for the rest of their life.


Each class is staffed with a minimum of two capable and enthusiastic teachers who are constantly using their creative skills to prepare new ways to communicate Bible truth to your children. Classes regularly incorporate a variety of creative instructional methods such as memory verses, the wordless book, puppet shows, songs, crafts, and wide variety of illustrations and object lessons. Our goal is to teach your children in a way that they will never forget!

Preschool classes take place on Sunday mornings at 9:00-10:30.

At 5:00 pm on Sundays and 6:30 pm on Wednesdays, preschoolers develop in their musical abilities through Children’s Choir Club.

Kidz Konnect

Laugh. Connect. Grow.

Each Sunday’s Bible study time launches with an stimulating program by the Kidz Konnect team. Energetic singing, thrilling games, and a challenging but humorous skit prepare 4 yr-olds to 4th graders for their morning Bible study time.

Kidz Konnect

Preschool Edition

Exciting Games & Songs

Each week the Kidz Konnect team is well prepared to lead your preschool children in learning new songs and playing fun games that will keep your kids begging to come back!

Entertaining Puppet Shows

The Kidz Konnect team prepares a special puppet show each week that focuses on a Bible verse and what it means in the child’s daily life. As simple as it seems, the children love these puppets and look forward to seeing them each week!

Kidz Konnect

Elementary Edition

Exciting Games & Songs

The Kidz Konnect team is always coming up with new ways to memorize verses, sing songs, and play games. Your child will enjoy this time each Sunday morning, and learn new things that they will remember all week long.

Entertaining Bible Skits

Join the Kids Connect team as they perform an amusing presentation that teaches biblical truths. The skits are a fun way that your child can learn practical lessons from God’s word.

Kidz Konnect starts right at 9:00am every Sunday, so be sure to be here on time so that you don’t miss the action!


1st–4th Grade

Discovery Zone

Today’s children face many temptations toward foolish, life-damaging decisions. The Discovery Zone program for our 1st-4th grade children prepare kids to make wise life choices by learning and applying Bible knowledge to everyday life.


Following Jesus doesn’t have to be boring! Each Sunday morning begins with a fun filled presentation by the Kidz Konnect team that your child will not want to miss. Every child is given a variety of ways to earn points that they can use to purchase prizes from The Reward Zone, which opens several times each year. Children also look forward to fun activities including Vacation Bible School and the annual HotSpot Winter Adventure . There’s no question…it’s fun to be a kid at Falls Baptist Church!


Every facet of our Discovery Zone program is designed to immerse your child in the Bible. Your child doesn’t have to wait until they are old to know what God says and what He wants them to do. Clear Bible lessons are taught each week during the Sunday School hour. In addition, children receive a weekly booklet to serve as a guide for them to use each day as the learn to walk with God in a personal way.


Every child is different, and we realize that, so we have structured our children’s programs to minister not just to the group as a whole, but also to each individual. After the Bible lesson, each class is divided into small groups for encouragement and application. This gives our children’s workers opportunity to connect with each child in a more focused setting and help them in their walk with God. We want our young people to understand that God’s Word is personal, and that God loves them in a personal way.

The Discovery Zone Elementary Program takes place on Sunday mornings from 9:00-10:30.

5th–6th Grade

Discovery Zone

These young middle-schoolers possess an insatiable desire to explore. The 5th–6th graders small-group Bible studies focus on practical truths from God’s word. Dedicated department directors and group teachers personally invest in leading the 5th & 6th graders to find life answers in God’s Word.


There are a lot of pressures facing young people today, even in 5th & 6th grade. We have structured the Discovery Zone Program to help guide these young people to find God’s plan for their life and the amazing joy that comes from following Jesus. Our children’s workers are prepared and willing to take the time to answer your child’s questions and help you as a parent as you guide your child to be the world-changer that God wants them to be.


We believe that our 5th & 6th Graders are more than able to take God’s Word and discover for themselves what God is saying. Their class time is spent in guided discussion through small-group Bible study format. The Bible will come alive for your children as they dig in and find the truth for themselves!


God doesn’t give us truth for ourselves…it’s for others! We believe one of the greatest things we can do is to give young people a vision for reaching in to the lives of other people with the truth and love of Jesus Christ. As they explore God’s Word, they will be challenged to take what they have learned and share it with you, their siblings, and their friends and classmates. If you find something amazing, why not share it with someone?

The 5–6th Graders meet on Sunday mornings from 9:00-10:30.