You are not an accident.

God made you for a reason, and you don’t have to wait until you’re 20 to figure it out. You can know today. It starts with a personal relationship with Jesus.


The youth group at Falls Baptist Church provides lots of opportunities for great memories, real friendships, and a connection with the One Who matters the most and cares the most for you! If you want life answers and meaning, God’s Word is where you need to look. And FBC’s youth group is where you can find God and His Word.

David & Summer

Youth Directors

We are always glad to meet new teens from our area. Your teen years can have purpose and real joy and you can exit these years with a plan for the future—a plan bigger than you! We are all about helping you to experience this LIFE with Jesus however we can. Come join us anytime!David & Summer Rains

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Weekly Youth Events


9:00 am – Discovery Bible Study

You plus a small group of people your age and a leader walking through Bible passages getting questions answered

5:00 pm – Teens ALIVE!

(during school year)

Time with your youth director digging into specifics that will strengthen your walk with God


3:30-4:30 pm – Bible Study at Menomonee Falls High School

(during school year)

Get your Bible questions answered and find out how you can help others get to know Jesus. We meet in Room 108.


3:30 pm – Teen Outreach Time

Learn how to share what God is doing in your life with others…and then go with your group leader and actually do it!

6:30 pm – Team Time

Win a game for your team and gain some Bible knowledge


3:15 pm-4:30 pm – Bible Study at Sussex Hamilton High School

(during school year)

Get your Bible questions answered and find out how you can help others get to know Jesus.


3:30 pm – Intramural Sports

Join your team to claim the championship! There are various sports seasons throughout the year, including flag football, volleyball, basketball, and more.

Special Youth Events

As you get to know God, you can be a part of some amazing things, including…

Adventure Trips (to places like Mount Rushmore), The Cola-Clash (a 3-day competition for all the teens in our community), The Thee Generation Youth Summit (a 2-day conference for teens), Missions Trips (to places here in the US and overseas), Bonfires (yes, with s’mores), and much more!

3 Intense Teams

The youth group is divided up into three teams for sports and other competitions within the youth group. You will also meet with your team to encourage each other in your walk with God.


Still have questions about things in the youth group? Want to know more about something? Is there something in the Bible you’ve always wondered about? Now is your chance to ask!

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