Falls Institute of Training

The greatest skill in life is to know Jesus and lead others to follow Him.

Falls Institute of Training provides knowledge—biblical, historical, and practical—that equips and encourages believers to make and multiply disciples within the context of a local church.


Get Trained. Know truth.

See lives transformed around you.

At Falls Baptist Church, we are passionate about our people knowing the Bible—and not just what it says, but also how it affects their daily lives. Each week, hundreds gather during our Falls Institute of Training hour to grow in their understanding of the Word of God and be trained to effectively reach this lost world for Jesus. Classes are taught by qualified teachers from our church and college staff who are focused on communicating Bible truth in a clear and practical way that anyone can understand. This opportunity is open for everyone, so come and join us…and bring your Bible!

Meeting at

5:00 pm

on Sundays

4 Tracks of Study

Dynamics for Disciple-Makers

Track 1

Designed to equip for disciple-making

Including courses on
A Life that Multiplies
How to Spend an Hour with God
Effective Discovery Bible Study
Evangelistic Bible Studies
Netcasters Gospel Presentation
The Connection Outreach Bible Study

Basics for Believers

Track 2

Designed to grow new believers in truth

Including courses on
How We Got our Bible
The Life of Christ in the Gospels and Acts
Bible Prophecy and Christ’s Return
New Testament Writings
Old Testament Survey
Christ in the Old Testament

Lessons for Leaders

Track 3

Designed to develop leaders at home & church

Including courses on
Outstanding Leaders in the Bible
Prayer Life of a Leader
Leading at Home: God’s Plan for Success
Parenting—the Early & Latter Stages
Marriage—Making It Even Better
Managing Time and Money
The Training of the Twelve Disciples

Vision for a Vast Harvest

Track 4

Designed to give a vision for local & global advance

Including courses on
Baptist Distinctives
Baptist Impact on America
Great Revivals and Awakenings
Multiplication in Missions
Spiritual Warfare
The Battle for Godly Music in the Church