July 19-23 | 8:45-Noon

at Falls Baptist Church

Everyone loves


In museums and movies, on television and in toy stores, dinosaurs are all the rage! And they have been for decades. We stand in awe and wonder before these amazing, powerful beasts. But these incredible creatures don’t have to just stir our imaginations; they can also build our faith.
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Fun for Kids!

An exciting morning of learning about who God is, where we came from, and what life is truly all about. FOR KIDS AGES 4-12!

Discovery Lab!

Feel a real dinosaur bone!
Travel to the land of the dinosaurs in the

DinoVideo Theater!


Hear Bible Truth

explained in simple terms!
Have a blast at the

Daily Fair!


Skits, Snacks

Games, & Prizes!

And Much, Much More!

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Featured Speakers


Keynote Speaker

"Dino Dave" Woetzel

Genesis Park
As a cryptozoology researcher, world traveler, published author, and creation science speaker and educator, Dave serves as the President of Genesis Park where it is his goal to reclaim the terrible dinosaur lizards for the glory of our awesome Creator. Dave has traveled to such places as the Congo, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Patagonia, the Amazon, and the Antarctic in search of first-hand historical, biological, and fossil evidence. He has collected an intriguing array of dinosaur and geological artifacts, and his research is marvelously illustrated in his book Chronicles of Dinosauria. Combining humor with visual aids and Bible truth, Dave’s presentations appeal to all ages and will leave you well-informed that indeed the Creator God placed man and dinosaurs together on planet Earth.

Dr. Jun Kojima

NASA Scientist
Dr. Kojima is a highly accomplished research scientist who loves creating in children and adults a passion for discovery and understanding. Since his appointment at NASA Glenn Research Center in 2001 as CWRU Research Associate Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, he has supported various R&D projects and holds 3 U.S. Patents in laser molecular spectroscopy and quantum communication. These inventions received NASA Invention of the Year Awards (runner-up) in 2010 and 2013. Growing up in a large city in Japan, Dr. Kojima had little regard for God’s existence. That all changed when he heard the truth of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Dr. Jim & Rhonda Van Gelderen

Youth Evangelist & Family Counselors
Since 1984 Dr. Jim has led Minutemen Ministries, a youth evangelism and outreach team that engages young people in exciting competition and clear Bible teaching. Along with his wife Rhonda, they seek to apply Bible truths to the most challenging and destructive patterns of life so common today in the lives of both teenagers and adults. They wholeheartedly believe that emotional, mental, and spiritual wounds of the past can be healed by the truth and grace of God. With compassion and biblical precision, they will point you to the path of inner peace and hope.

Practical help for adults!


For Women | For Men

Uncover the truth that hope and peace are not extinct in our troubled times.
Wounds from the past, confusion in the present, and uncertainty about the future leave many adults trapped in fear, regret, and emotional isolation. How am I supposed to handle the issues and answer the questions that surround me every day? The daily Digging Deeper Workshops are designed exclusively for adults, providing biblical foundation and spiritual healing for each person’s vital roles and positions of influence. These workshops are in addition to the general sessions and DinoVideo Theater.

Guest speakers and personal testimonies

Biblical insights and cultural perspectives

Delicious refreshments and encouraging fellowship
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It all climaxes Friday Night at 7:00 pm with the

DinoWorld Finale!

And teens won't want to miss...


A 3-Night carbonated competition for teenagers!

July 6-8


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DinoWorld is a Gospel outreach of Falls Baptist Church provided free of charge as a gesture of love for Christ and for area children and adults. 

As a Christian ministry, we ask that children and other guests attending DinoWorld and other Church events respect the teaching of the Bible, as well as policies and procedures that we believe are conducive to gospel ministry, a positive learning environment, and the health and safety of all guests and staff. 

To ensure a safe and positive environment for children and other guests, if a child becomes disruptive, it may be necessary to verbally reprimand or remove a child for a time out. If it becomes necessary to restrain a child who threatening or harmful to others, the child will be sent home and, and we may contact authorities and prohibit the child from attending future events.

By Registering yourself or your child for DinoWorld or other events at Falls Baptist Church, you understand and agree that an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 and other communicable illnesses or diseases exists in any public place where people are present. 

Please provide phone numbers and other contact information as requested on this form so that we may reach you in case of emergency or other situation.

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